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What Are Sharps Containers and What Are Their Uses?



Disposal of wastes generated by hospitals and other medical facilities always requires special handling. These wastes when not handled properly can contaminate water and air, posing serious risks to the health of the public.   Thus, there are certain standards to waste disposal that the management of medical facilities has to follow.


There are many kinds of medical waste and one of the most common is sharps wastes which include Hypodermic needles, disposable scalpels and blades, razors, X-Acto knives, scissors and other instruments and accessories used in invasive medical procedures and simple procedures involving the breaking the skin of patients. Contaminated glass materials and some plastics are also classified as sharps waste.


Medical authorities consider sharps waste a bio hazardous material and with good reason.  A used scalpel improperly disposed can penetrate the skin of somebody by accident.  There could be disease carrying pathogens in the traces of blood left in the scalpel or blades. Some of the diseases that are transmitted through the blood manner are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.


With the serious health risks posed by sharps waste, they require special handling. They can't be just dumped in the municipal dump sites where people can be injured by them accidentally or the bacteria they contain can get to the municipal waters. Before final disposable they are placed in containers specially designed for them. These containers are called sharps containers.


Made of hard plastic, you'll find sharp containers in hospitals, clinics and even airports for the use of passengers who may have to inject drugs to treat certain   conditions. In hospitals they are located in areas where injections or procedures are usually performed.  Hospital staff would not like carrying scalpels, or blades or syringes more than a few feet so that they can put them in sharps container.  That is inviting unnecessary risk.


From the sharps containers the sharps waste are sterilized and once cleaned of contaminating bacteria or germs disposed in the municipal dump site or wherever they won't pose dangers to people. For additional facts and information about medical waste disposal containers, you can go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/waste-management.


It is important for hospital administrators to find sharps containers that are of good quality.  They can't afford to have containers that break easily which can cause the spread of diseases. If they want more details about sharps containers, the can visit the IDC medical website. IDC medical is one of the leading suppliers of medical supplies.