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Precautions for Disposing Medical Sharps and Using Waste Disposal Containers



Medical facilities use needles, syringes and sharp objects every now and then. These items cannot be reused. There should therefore be a good system of disposing them so that they cannot cause injuries afterwards and hazards. Precaution should be taken so that these objects do not transmit viral diseases through the blood contact. They can transmit diseases such as HIV and Aids, Hepatitis B and C. Even if the sharp objects do not have disease causing organisms, they are still a hazard to people operating in the area. They can be pricked and get injured.


The risks that lie with sharp objects should be well addressed through putting proper measures in place. Healthcare employers and contractors ought to follow some regulations when it comes to handling and disposal of sharps. Every health care facility needs a good procedure of safe disposing of contaminated waste. The sharp regulation clearly puts it that there should be containers at www.idcmedical.com that are clearly marked and secure for disposal of medical sharps. Wherever the containers are placed, there should be proper instructions for the staff to follow on safe disposal of the sharps. Mostly sharp bins are placed next to the healthcare worker so that they can dispose straight away after using. A nurse that is doing ward round giving injections should have the sharps disposal bin right in the trolley.


The sharps containers should be brightly colored so that they are easily identified. Yellow is the common bright color of the sharp bins. The lids should be coded to know the exact use of the bins. For example, a bin that has a yellow top is for disposing the sharps used in incineration. These are sharps contaminated with medicines and not cytotoxic. Orange tops are for bins where you dispose non-medical sharps. These are sharps that should not contaminate with other medicinal products. Purple top bins are for disposing cyto contaminated sharps for incineration only. Those that are contaminated with cytotoxic only.


When purchasing the sharp containers, it is important to consider how the container will be disposed when full. Those that are selling the sharp containers should also offer a disposal service. Te carrier should be licensed in transporting the waste. The waste from any healthcare should be transported according to hazardous waste regulations. Medical facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, government agencies and private sectors should adhere to the regulations and the precautions for the safety of everyone. They should all be responsible in handling their medical waste. To get more ideas on how to find the best medical waste disposal containers, go to http://www.ehow.com/facts_5244655_happens-medical-waste_.html.